Is tobacco finally becoming taboo?

 Is tobacco finally becoming taboo?

A recent study has revealed the positive effects of neutral cigarette packaging. Smokers are less and less confident pulling out their cigarette packs in public, which is yet another step towards making tobacco taboo, as evidenced in the drop in tobacco sales in 2018 

Debates have been around since neutral cigarette packets were introduced onto the French market on January 1, 2017. Today, it appears that this strategy is having a direct effect on a drop in cigarette sales. Thanks in part to shocking images, cigarette packs are becoming less and less popular in the public domain.

A massive telephonic study involving 40,000 people has also revealed some interesting conclusions. In 2016, 52% of smokers were happy with the style of the cigarette packets they purchased. One year later, this number dropped to 16%. Today, only 15% of smokers (and 9% of female smokers) feel comfortable pulling out their pack of cigarettes in public.

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Drop in enthusiasm and sales

The 18-24 generation has been the most affected by this shift in perspective. Positive opinions about cigarette packets dropped from 62% to just 16% in one year. According to Public Health France, neutral cigarette packaging has led to “the de-normalization of tobacco products.”

The supplier Logista also noted similar numbers in 2018, with tobacco sales dropping by 9%. And while part of this trend is due to tobacco price increases, neutral packets have also had an effect.

The arrival of neutral cigarette packing in numerous countries throughout the world has yielded similar, positive results. Neutral packaging has existed in Australia since 2012, for example, and it has had a consistently positive effect on the country. The trend is sure to continue, and we can only hope that France will follow suit…


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