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France: the price of tobacco continues to increase

As planned by the French government, the average price of a packet of cigarettes will be 60 cents more expensive starting March 1 2019. The decision was made in hopes of reducing the number of smokers in France. Not surprisingly, tobacco companies are unhappy about the decision. The new price increase is linked to a […]En savoir plus


France: border regions have the highest smoking rates

In France, the PACA region (Provence-Alps-Cote-d’Azur) has the highest rates of smoking, and the Ile-de-France (Paris) region has the lowest. These numbers come from a regional map detailing smoking rates, published by the health authorities on January 29. According to 2017 numbers published by Public Health France, 26.9% of 18-75 year French citizens smoke daily. […]En savoir plus


France: the European champion of illegal cigarettes

France holds the dubious distinction of being the EU’s leader in black market cigarette sales. Today, almost 1 in 10 cigarettes consumed in France is contraband, which represents approximately 7.61 billion cigarettes (an estimated 25% of these illegal cigarettes come from Algeria). These worrying statistics show a 300% increase in black-market sales between 2012 and […]En savoir plus

Tobacco Trends

France: explosion in the number of tobacco-addiction treatments

Nicotine addiction treatments had tremendous success between the months of March and September 2018. According to the national health insurance service, Assurance Maladie, prescriptions are up by 75%. This recent craze for tobacco substitutes can in part be explained by the “Prevention priority” program launched by Agnes Buzyn, France’s health minister. Since January 2018, the […]En savoir plus


France’s tobacco-free month sees a 54% increase in participation

France’s tobacco-free month, the “Mois sans Tabac,” was launched in 2016 and saw immediate, resounding success. The 2018 edition has also been extremely successful, thanks to a significant increase in the number of participants. Today, it appears that the general public is finally aware of the importance of initiatives to fight tobacco addiction.  France’s tobacco-free […]En savoir plus


Study proves teenagers respond to neutral packaging

Neutral packaging for tobacco products was adopted in France from December 2015. Since January 2017, it became mandatory for all cigarette vendors in France. While the effectiveness of the regulation has been questioned over the years, a new study has recently shed light on the subject. Neutral packaging has a very strong dissuasive effect on individuals […]En savoir plus


Tobacco prices raised in France: an effective policy

On Tuesday, the French Social Security administration presented their new financing programme. They plan to increase cigarette prices, twice in the next year. This solution seems to be reducing the smoking rate, a positive development for most, except tobacconists. According to the 2019 Social Security financing programme, cigarette packets will be raised by 50 cents in […]En savoir plus


Major drop in tobacco deliveries to French tobacconists

Are anti-tobacco measures finally bearing fruit in France? Judging by the most recent figures, it seems to be the case. Over the past year, tobacco deliveries to tobacconists have dropped considerably. Could this news signal the “end of tobacco addiction”? Statistics provided by Logista are helpful, indeed. In between June 2017 and June 2018, cigarette […]En savoir plus