Major drop in tobacco deliveries to French tobacconists

 Major drop in tobacco deliveries to French tobacconists


Are anti-tobacco measures finally bearing fruit in France? Judging by the most recent figures, it seems to be the case. Over the past year, tobacco deliveries to tobacconists have dropped considerably. Could this news signal the “end of tobacco addiction”?

Statistics provided by Logista are helpful, indeed. In between June 2017 and June 2018, cigarette deliveries to tobacconists in France dropped by 17%. During the same period, a 13% drop in the delivery of rolling cigarettes was also reported.

The consumption of tobacco in France has been declining in recent months, and the significant drop in deliveries has forced tobacconists to diversify their business. The most recent statistics only confirm trends that began at the beginning of the year.


A drop in sales caused by rising prices?

Several well-known personalities known for their anti-smoking position are celebrating the recent drop in tobacco deliveries. Professor Bertrand Dautzenberg, known for his work on tobacco addiction, is part of this group. He cited the rise in the price of cigarettes as a major reason for the drop in deliveries. In March, a 10-15% tobacco tax increase was applied throughout the country.

This drop in deliveries suggests that more and more smokers are trying to quit smoking. Indeed, nicotine substitutes like the electronic cigarette seem to be gaining favour in the public eye. Many tobacconists, as well as others, are now trying to reposition themselves on the market to take advantage of the new trend.

For Professor Bertrand Dautzenberg, the drop in deliveries is a very positive sign.According to him, it shows that “we are heading towards the end of tobacco addiction”. It will be interesting to see whether or not this trend continues into the second half of 2018.


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