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The return of Stoptober in the United Kingdom

A new edition of Stoptober, the English version of France’s “month without tobacco,” began on October 1. The goal of Stoptober is to give smokers who want to quit smoking the best chance at succeeding. A study recently revealed that receiving help when quitting smoking multiplies the chances of succeeding by 500%. According to the […]En savoir plus


Stoptober: The Gift that Keeps On Giving

The month of October may be over, but stories of Stoptober live on. This year, more smokers than ever decided to participate in the month-long challenge. As the going got tough in the last ten days, participants faced their greatest test. Here is a compilation of tips and testimonials to help smokers everywhere remember the […]En savoir plus


In England, Stoptober is boosting e-cigarette sales

Since 2012, the British government has been implementing a program to combat tobacco addiction. Known as Stoptober, the contraction of Stop-October, this anti-tobacco campaign encourages smokers to stop smoking for an entire month. Countless media outlets and health professionals are spreading the news in hopes of reaching as many smokers as possible. The originality of […]En savoir plus


English Firemen are pro-vaping

When we think about smoking risks, the first thing to come to mind is the smoker’s health. Smoking kills. However, there is another danger under that blanket of cigarette smoke: fire hazards. Forest fires are more often than not started by a lit cigarette dropped carelessly by a smoker.Or deliberately for the pyromaniacs. This year’s Stoptober […]En savoir plus