Stoptober: The Gift that Keeps On Giving

 Stoptober: The Gift that Keeps On Giving

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stoptoberThe month of October may be over, but stories of Stoptober live on. This year, more smokers than ever decided to participate in the month-long challenge. As the going got tough in the last ten days, participants faced their greatest test. Here is a compilation of tips and testimonials to help smokers everywhere remember the spirit of Stoptober well into the New Year. When you have a craving for a cigarette, just read one of these quotes or words of wisdom!

  • Participating in Stoptober has immediate benefits, and that’s the most important thing. But the positive effects of a tobacco-free month are a gift that just keeps on giving!

  • If you’re used to smoking a pack per day, quitting cigarettes will save you thousands a year—get ready to plan that next vacation!

  • Before e-cigarettes I tried everything, but nothing worked. But just two months after I began vaping, I made new friends thanks to the amazing vape community, which always gave me the information I needed on vaping. Alexandre, 26

  • When you feel a craving for a cigarette, turn on the timer on your cell phone or count the second hands on your watch. Concentrating for even one minute can do wonders!

  • Now that you’ve stopped smoking for a month, if you light a cigarette you’ll be disgusted—your pallet is no longer used to the taste.

  • One month without cigarettes means your chances of quitting are five times higher.

  • It’s nice to wake up in the morning and not starting coughing immediately, isn’t it?

  • No more cigarettes. My daughter asked me to quit and so I bought an e-cigarette. At first it was hard because the e-cigarettes you find in pharmacies or tobacconists are the worst! But after talking to a friend who has been vaping for two years, I invested in a good product. I don’t even feel like smoking tobacco anymore, even when around smokers! I’m so thankful for my vape. Yann, 45

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  • I tried an e-cigarette and in just one week, I stopped smoking cigarettes altogether. I’ve never looked back! Frederic, 53


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