It’s time for the Stoptober in the United Kingdom

 It’s time for the Stoptober in the United Kingdom

Stoptober - month without tobacco in the UKThe UK has launched Stoptober 6 years ago. This campaign promotes a month without tobacco. This year, the campaign goes even further. Public Health England has actually decided that it would recommand very explicitly vaping as an alternative to tobacco. It’s the first time the British Health Agency promotes e-cigarettes as clearly. A TV campaign will be broadcast from October 1st. It features vaping and its advantages and shows it’s one of the efficient ways to stop stop smoking. Other media tools, such as billboards, internet website, etc. will also highlight vaping.They will indeed use an unequivocal motto: « Stop smoking with an e-cigarette ».

On the campaign’s internet website, there’s a whole section dedicated to e-cigarettes. Among other information, we can hear Mark’s testimony. He used vaping to stop smoking and avoid cravings. We can also read about the use of e-cigarettes without avoiding its drawbacks. The website reminds that « using an e-cigarette isn’t completely risk-free, but it carries a small fraction of the risk of smoking and can help you quit ». If we think about nicotine for instance, it’s a common point between vaping and tobacco. Authorities advise smokers trying to quit to speak to their GP, pharmacist or local stop smoking service for advice.

Results in the fight against tobacco

There are today less than 15% of smokers in the UK. This shows that there has been a regular and constant decrease over the past few years. Many tools are used to fight against tobacco, among which this Stoptober. The Stoptober was actually reproduced in France with the « Moi(s) sans Tabac », which was created in 2016.

There is however a major difference between both countries: the position of the authorities towards vaping. The British NICE, which is quite similar to the French Haute Autorité de Santé acknowledges that « electronic cigarettes are used by people who are trying to stop smoking ». In France, even though health professionals increasingly suggest the use of e-cigarettes to stop smoking, the public health authorities still don’t recommend.


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