The French government is working with tobacco vendors to encourage vaping

 The French government is working with tobacco vendors to encourage vaping

A new agreement has just come into force in France to help tobacco vendors establish stronger local business. To achieve this, the Ministry of Economy is rolling out a 100 million Euro business incentive package. The objective is to help these vendors encourage customers to switch from traditional tobacco products to electronic cigarettes.


These professionals, who make most of their sales on cigarettes, have until 2021 to transform their business model. On Friday February 2nd, the Ministry of Economy and Finance and the confederation of tobacco vendors came to an agreement. The objective was to lay out a sustainable business model for the future. By reducing tobacco vendor dependence on traditional cigarette sales, the government is encouraging transitional measures. This will be important for them to survive the price hike on cigarette packets, reaching 10 Euros by 2020. This is a real public health issue. Indeed, the objective is to help smokers switch to vaping.

This new protocol will run from 2018 to 2021 and represents a 100 million Euro package. This is a significant sum, added to the 68 million euro package signed in 2016 to give tobacco vendors much-needed support.

Raising awareness on the need to stop smoking

philippe coy tobaccoThe government’s priority is to accompany tobacco vendors to slowly taper off tobacco sales. The objective? To transition from tobacconists to selling a wider range of goods, innovative and respectful of customer health. For the Ministry of Economy, this is a means for professionals to transition away from tobacco sales in the near future. Above all, this new plan is part of the government’s larger health initiative. The government is dedicated to it’s project to raise cigarette prices to 10 Euro per packet in 2020. Philippe Coy, president of the confederation of tobacco vendors, explained that with this plan, these vendors can adapt to a market shifting to new modes of consumption.

Philippe Coy concluded that tobacco vendors are in this manner helping to develop a responsible public health programme. This is the justification for associating tobacco vendors with the “Tobacco-free month” initiative in France which challenges smokers to not smoke for 30 days. From the month of March, tobacco customers will be able to count on their tobacconists for advice on vaping.


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