French TV Channel broadcasts a report on vaping and DIY

 French TV Channel broadcasts a report on vaping and DIY

Last Saturday the 8 o’clock news on France 2, presented by Laurent Delahousse, broadcast a segment on vaping culture. For once, and this is a welcome change for us at BlogVape, the show didn’t fall into stereotypes and fake news. This time there were no pseudo-scientific conclusions or alarmist declarations, and the vaping community can only be thankful.

After an introduction covering the issue of under-age vaping and the ease with which minors can procure e-cig materials, the report seemed to be going in the right direction. Thankfully, the guests on the show were true professionals. Their statements were highly interesting, in particular with regards to DIY (Do-It-Yourself) vaping.



A tour of the V’APE manufacturer’s installations

v'apeTatiana Ricard, Production Manager at V’APE explained that to create quality e-liquid was not as simple as throwing ingredients together to cook a meal. Certain aromatic molecules, when combined, can create new molecules that can potentially cause irritation. Where a professional laboratory can analyse and study these combinations, an amateur e-juice artisan simply does not have the tools. Unfortunately, the same can be said of many “professional” but uncertified e-liquid manufacturers.

The show concluded with statements by Pierre-François Dancoine, a respected tobaccologist. He indicated that vaping can be a gateway to tobacco, but this is not a rule. Professor Bertrand Dautzenberg, a pro-vaping activist and pneumologist at the Pitié-Salpêtrière hospital, concluded that vaping is in any case less harmful to health than smoking. And by a factor of twenty, which is non-negligeable to say the least.


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