Quitting smoking: vape shops in the limelight

 Quitting smoking: vape shops in the limelight

The United Kingdom is spearheading Europe in the promotion of electronic cigarettes. Once again, a British publication has publicly recognized the importance of e-cigarettes as a smoking cessation tool. This article chose to focus on the positive role of vape shops in the process.


Recently published in the Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, à recent study confirmed the positive influence of these establishments. Organised by Emma Ward, a University researcher, the report demonstrates that vape shops are helping smokers kick the habit. Sales professionals in vape shops are asking the right questions to understand the habits of smokers in order to recommend the perfect product for them.

Funded by Cancer Research UK and overseen by the IBVTA, the study provides a unique point of view to assess the situation. It highlights the underestimated role of vaping professionals when it comes to helping smokers to quit. Thanks to their recommendations, vape shop employees can provide much-needed support to smokers looking for alternatives. As such, salespeople in vape shops are taking on the role of informal consultants, complementing the official programmes implemented by health authorities.


Pushing the promotion of vaping

The study goes further than highlighting the merits of vaping shops. It also sheds light on the fact that health organisations would benefit from collaborating with these establishments. The idea is to offer former smokers better follow-up and support, to help them avoid relapsing.

vaprilThe National Health Service (NHS) has shown itself to be particularly progressive in defending the benefits of e-cigarettes. For example, new initiatives such as VApril have been launched. Sanctioned by the government, VApril is an awareness campaign inviting smokers to test electronic cigarettes.

For the NHS, operations that establish partnerships between health authorities and vaping professionals can help to reduce smoking rates. Better knowledge of the electronic cigarette industry could help facilitate the transition from cigarettes to e-cigs. This trend could represent a major leap forwards in public health terms.



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