The FDA is working to ban e-liquids with candy flavours and packaging

 The FDA is working to ban e-liquids with candy flavours and packaging

The American Food and Drug Administration has just announced the communication of 13 warning letters to e-liquid manufacturers. These companies are accused of selling products with packaging and labelling that resembles candy varieties. The FDA has stated that this type of packaging is akin to marketing to under-age populations, encouraging them to vape.


American federal authorities are working to curb smoking in younger populations. To do this, they are also focusing on e-cigarettes and making sure they are not falling into the hands of minors. However, a number of companies selling e-liquid with nicotine are packaging their products in a way that attracts younger consumers.

candyAs a result, the FDA has singled out 13 companies for marketing products that are packaged like candy or fruit juice. E-liquids produced and sold by Juul labs are concerned in particular. Another e-liquid in the bulls-eye is Vape Heads Sour Smurf Sauce, sold by Lifted Liquids. The packaging is very similar to a popular American candy brand known as Warheads.


Children poisoned by nicotine in e-liquids

Faced with these marketing tactics, the FDA is drawing a line in the sand. Doctor Scott Gottlieb, the director of the agency, issued a warning to the concerned companies. They will have to adapt their packaging, or pull the products from shelves as soon as possible.

A number of cases of children poisoned after ingesting e-liquids have been recorded in the past few months.  It only takes a small amount to affect small children deeply, causing convulsions and even respiratory arrest. Mitch Zeller, director of the FDA’s Tobacco Products Centre, wants to raise awareness on this issue.

The companies that the FDA issued the warnings to have been quick to react. Indeed, Nick Warrender, CEO of Lifted Liquids, acknowledged the problem. He was quick to state that a new packaging would soon replace the old. For Scott Gottlieb, it is critical that younger people be kept safe from the dangers of nicotine-containing products. Aside the immediate danger, they risk developing an addiction, which could lead to them smoking traditional cigarettes at an early age.



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