The American Cancer Society supports vaping to help fight tobacco

 The American Cancer Society supports vaping to help fight tobacco

tobaccoThe American Cancer Society (ACS) recently revealed that the general population has overestimated the dangers of vaping. As seen in numerous studies over and over again, electronic cigarettes are a viable and safe alternative to tobacco. However, disinformation campaigns organized by Big Tobacco, which are then heavily parroted by smokers, continue to contribute to the public’s distrust of electronic cigarettes.

The ACS has suggested that tobacco, and not nicotine, is harmful to public health, and it is essential that American citizens be informed as quickly as possible of this proven fact. While the American health organization does not try to minimize the possibility of nicotine addiction, it underlines the importance of practicing better habits, such as the adoption of vaping products in lieu of traditional cigarettes.

Numerous independent laboratories have confirmed that electronic cigarettes are undoubtedly less harmful than tobacco. In fact, the combustion of tobacco generates over 7,000 different molecules; it has further been shown that there are at least 70 different carcinogenic compounds in cigarettes. And yet, for a large percentage of the American population, vaping products engender similar comparisons to the ingestion of toxic chemicals. This assertion, of course, is completely fabricated.


Information: the most useful tool in fighting ignorance about the dangers of tobacco

According to the ACS, communication is the preferred method to fight tobacco addiction. In fact, a 2015 study showed that 35.7% of participants believed—falsely—that vaping devices are just as harmful as traditional cigarettes. This is a worrying statistic, especially considering that the number of misinformed people was only 11.5% in 2012. This dramatic rise in ignorant populations reveals the perverse effects of disinformation disseminated by Big Tobacco lobbyists.

Numerous consumers conflate the dangers of tobacco and nicotine. A study carried out by Finny Associates shows that compared to the rest of the population, smokers have a deep misunderstanding about the dangers of cigarettes. Indeed, if 14.6% of the general public survey believes that nicotine causes cancer, amongst smokers the number rises to 52.5%.


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