Juul is coming to France

 Juul is coming to France

Estimated to weigh over 16 billion dollarsJuul Lab Inc is the hottest electronic cigarette company at the current moment. With the arrival of Juul’s mod pod, a discreet and transportable device, the world of vaping conquered countless new enthusiasts, and in particular younger consumers. As a result, Juul has gotten into hot waters with health authorities who accused the company of promoting vaping, and even smoking, to minors.

While Juul’s reputation was most definitely impacted by this controversy, there is no bad publicity, and the company is in full expansion. With sales figures consistently climbing, the American company recently acquired new offices abroad. After opening a branch in London a few days ago, they declared an interest in Singapore, Israel, and finally France.


After the USA, Juul wants to take over France

We do not yet know Juul’s specific plans for the French market. However, there is a very good chance whatever they do will be a success. With the increased prices for cigarettes, vaping has played a huge role in reducing smoking rates. As the world is steadily gaining ground in the fight against tobacco, France has little choice but to welcome vaping with open arms.

Despite the frequent controversies surrounding their business model, Juul Lab Inc has proven adept at defending themselves. The company even launched a campaign targeting parents to help curb vaping among adolescents. Despite the accusations that plague them, the company is actively fighting for a tobacco-free world.

They hope to expand across the world, and are dedicated to remaining in line with regulations. And if this was not proof enough of their success, Juul Labs Inc headquarters in San Francisco will soon be moving to a bigger location.


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