AIDUCE opposes the EU Commission’s anti-vaping policy

 AIDUCE opposes the EU Commission’s anti-vaping policy

The EU Commission’s recent public inquiry into vaping has provoked the ire of AIDUCE. The Independent Association for Electronic Cigarette Users is against the imposition of new taxes on electronic cigarettes. This EU’s supposed interest in public health belies their protection of commercial interests.

AIDUCE, an association of French and Belgian consumers, wants to defend vaping rights. Keeping the public informed is one of the association’s primary interests. For this, the group plans to respond to each concern raised by the European Commission. It also encourages e-cigarette users to look into the commission’s investigation.

The EU’s project is intended to determine whether or not new taxes should be imposed on the sale of electronic cigarettes. In 2016, 90% of those surveyed rejected similar propositions related to a previous public inquiry.


Unjustified taxes for the e-cigarette

AIDUCE believes the EU Commission’s questionnaire is « unacceptable ». The association denounces the commission’s false comparisons between the e-cigarette and other erroneous and incomplete facts about vaping. AIDUCE further accuses the commission of having been influenced by Big Tobacco lobbyists. According to the consumer group, the commission’s public inquiry is first and foremost an attempt to prop up tobacco sales throughout Europe.

The French association highlighted multiple reasons for its indignation. Vaping products are included in the questionnaire as “new tobacco products,” without any mention of the fact that electronic cigarettes do not contain tobacco, and are far less harmful than traditional cigarettes.

Although the e-cigarette is recognized in the United Kingdom as a legitimate alternative to smoking, there is no mention of this in the questionnaire. AIDUCE believes that new vaping taxes are not only unfounded but also unproductive. The association is demanding that the EU Commission abandon the public inquiry, which goes against the Convention for the Fight Against Tobacco Addiction.


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