A possible agreement between Juul and the FDA?

 A possible agreement between Juul and the FDA?

Since launching their vape pens, Juul Lab Inc has been in the crosshairs of the FDA. Indeed, the regulatory authority has a very poor opinion of the company and their pod mod devices which are exceedingly popular among younger vapers.

Why so successful? Juul e-cigs are discreet, easily transportable, fun and innovative, which are excellent qualities with it comes to teenagers always hungry for new experiences.

However, in the USA, the sale and consumption of these vaping devices is restricted to over-18s and the FDA has worked hard to limit Juul’s expansion in the teenage market. Today, things could change for the American company. FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb made a statement on CNBC that seemed to point to a possible conciliation. In an interview on the American news channel, Gottlieb indicated that he was favourable to a company that would work hard to limit access to vaping products in order to protect the American youth.


Next-generation Juul to win over the FDA

The statement seemed to echo recent statements by one of the executive directors of Juul Lab Inc. James Monsees indicated that the next range of products marketed by Juul would be Bluetooth-ready. This innovative system would restrict access to the device, locking out under-age vaping enthusiasts.

Connected to a smartphone, the Juul device could only be used by its owner. Furthermore, dedicated applications could help users reduce their consumption by setting reduction goals. Using Bluetooth, the devices would be blocked near or inside schools. This new functionality seems to be winning over the FDA, at least on paper.

The American company hopes to clean up their brand image after some serious losses in the court of public opinion. Many health organisations decry Juul’s devices as a gateway to tobacco consumption. Today, the company weighs about 15 billion dollars and their products are selling like hotcakes across the world. For example, in early September, Juul was released on the Canadian market.


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