The FDA might ban online sales of vaping products

 The FDA might ban online sales of vaping products

Scott Gottlieb

Although the United States has already adopted restrictive vaping policies, other measures may soon be implemented. Scott Gottlieb, the FDA commissioner, recently confirmed the news, suggesting that a ban on online e-cigarette sales is currently being considered.

On October 2, Scott Gottlieb stated that an online ban on vaping products is currently being studied. The Washington Examiner reported the news, which has caused fear amongst e-cig supporters throughout America. Such a decision would have a disastrous effect on the e-cigarette’s development in the USA.

The FDA’s position has remained firm in recent months. The FDA is still very hostile towards vaping, and the American organization refuses to recognize the benefits of the e-cigarette as a nicotine substitute. On the contrary, new bans are consistently proposed, such as the recent ban on sweetened e-liquids.

scott gottlieb fda
Scott Gottlieb

The FDA is against teenage vaping

The ostensible reason for the FDA’s anti-vaping policy is the argument to protect the youth. More and more teenage Americans are trying the electronic cigarette, despite the elevated levels of nicotine.

The FDA is afraid that vaping will lead towards smoking. Some American media outlets are even talking about a teenage vaping epidemic.” Banning the online-sale of e-cigarettes would help to verify the identity of those purchasing vaping products.

It is unlikely that the FDA’s opinion on vaping is going to change anytime soon. Scott Gottlieb confirmed that vaping amongst minors “eclipses any benefit it may have for adult smokers.” This is a strange line of reasoning, however, for an outright ban on the online sale of vaping products.


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