Hiking to the mountaintop to campaign for vaping

 Hiking to the mountaintop to campaign for vaping

dominique rodriguez

Thanks to vaping, Dominique Rodriguez has been able to surmount seemingly insurmountable odds. For over 20 years, this former smoker lit up at least 30 cigarettes per day. In 2011, he became a vape-store owner in Toulouse and decided to switch over to vaping, a decision that radically changed his life.

Dominique Rodriguez knows that his old smoking habit drastically affected his health. Walking up stairs was difficult for him as a result of his weight and respiratory problems.

After switching over from cigarettes to vaping, Dominique noticed a significant difference in his physical wellbeing. This nature lover started to hike, and three years ago he began reaching the summits of impressive mountaintops. His new passion forces him to climb up into areas with low levels of oxygen, but despite his vaping habits, he continues to climb higher and higher.

dominique rodriguez

Vaping for a fresh lease on life

In 2017, Dominique Rodriguez decided to start climbing prestigious and technically challenging mountains. To succeed, he gained 15kg in just 3 months. In 2018, he was able to conquer some of the highest summits in the world: Aneto Peak in the Pyrenees (3,400m), Mont Blanc (4,810m), and Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania (5,895m). During each of the ascents, Dominique carried with him a banner that read, “Vaping saves lives,a message that has been shared on various social networks.

Dominique Rodriguez continues to vape approximately 20ml of e-liquid every day, and yet he has been able to climb to some of the highest and most difficult summits in the world. He is also dedicated to fighting the fake news about the dangers of electronic cigarettes and vaping product, and his exceptional journey is proof that vaping can help motivate former smokers, leading to new lungs and new lives.


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