[TEST] Vaporesso Nexus, the e-cig that thought it was a pod

 [TEST] Vaporesso Nexus, the e-cig that thought it was a pod

vaporesso nexus

Pods are all the rage right now. Inspired by the (in)famous Juul, they have taken the vaping market by storm. The sector was reinvigorated by the advent of nicotine salts that revolutionised design for low-wattage vaping.

vaporesso nexusAnd yet pods are not a new development. They have simply turned poor-quality, entry-level ranges into popular, reliable, and user-friendly devices. With Nexus, Vaporesso is trying to do something new: take all the qualities of a standard e-cig and put all this in a pod-sized package.  Under the hood of the Nexus you will find a coil that can be screwed into place (NX model), the old-school way, to which is added an airflow adjustment ring. A handy little design perk means the top cap can be used as a screwdriver to fit the coil snugly in a pinch. Clever.

The tank is integrated in the “pod” body and is closed with a rubber cap. If you are careful when taking it off to switch coils, you should have no issues with leaks.

vaporesso nexus

Light and durable

vaporesso nexusMade of aluminium, the Nexus screams “toughness” despite its featherweight size. The battery will take you through the whole day, even two for light usage, without needing to top it up with your power cord or e-liquid bottle.

Flavour and vapour production are surprisingly satisfying for a 12w device. With the airflow opened to the max, you can even chase a few clouds!

The LED completes the package to give you a battery status indicator depending on the colour.

More economical and environmentally friendly than pods, with all the same advantages, the Nexus is a user-friendly e-cig that you can take anywhere. Small and light both in pocket and wallet, it consumes little juice and delivers excellent MTL vapour with or without nicotine salts. And it costs just over twenty Euros.

vaporesso nexus

Technical specifications

  • Dimensions: 86x34x17 mm
  • Weight: 54gr
  • USB Charging: yes
  • Integrated battery: Yes
  • Coils: Nexus NX Coils
  • Capacity: 650 mAh
  • Tank: integrated, 2 ml
  • Airflow: adjustable on the coil


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