JTI France plans to develop new e-cigarettes

 JTI France plans to develop new e-cigarettes

jtiFollowing an intense debate and a fight to defend tobacco production, tobacco companies are now hoping to conquer the vaping market. Following the examples of British American Tobacco and Imperial Brands, it is now Japan Tobacco International’s (JTI) turn to invest in the vaping market. In fact, now that it has developed the Logic Pro vaping device, the company intends to become a sector leader.

Nathalie EyrollesNathalie Eyrolles recently announced a new JTI France investment in vaping. The director of “products and risk reduction” mentioned a 1 billion Euro investment in the company’s R&D sector. This initiative will surely catch the eye of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), which has yet to be convinced that vaping is preferable to smoking. American health authorities have been closely following the development and commercialization of various vaping devices.


JTI wants to develop healthy vaping products

 A few months ago, JTI suffered a setback when it saw a drop in cigarette sales and a subsequent loss in profits for 2017. Now the company wants to bounce back and catch up with competitors who have already made inroads into the vaping market. As a result, JTI has plans to become the market leader for limited risk products by 2020.

After campaigning for stricter regulations for vaping products, JTI now plans to develop its own line of devices, hoping to propose a larger range of limited risk products, all while guaranteeing consumer safety.

Up until now, numerous studies have demonstrated just how much safer vaping is compared to smoking. Nonetheless, certain vaping practices do not come without their dangers. Nathalie Eyrolles has specifically criticized the DIY industry as well as certain e-liquids containing nicotine additives that may not be as harmless as they appear.

The goal of the company’s investment in R&D is to respect current regulations while satisfying consumer expectations and demands about product safety. Although the company hopes to create new products, it does not want to do this at the expense of consumer health. It is a safe bet that the health authorities are closely following JTI’s new strategy, and may even end up encouraging other cigarette manufacturers to do the same.


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