The Juul is coming to France

 The Juul is coming to France

A few months ago, Juul Labs announced its imminent arrival in France, and a recent press release confirms it: the Juul is now available for purchase in France. Juul Labs, the vaping industry leader in the United States, is now hoping to find international success.

Both new and old vapers can now try out the famed America device in France, which is sold in packs for 39.99 Euros. This price includes the famed device, a USB charger, and different flavors.

The device allows people to start vaping quickly while helping them find their favorite flavor (mint, vanilla, blond tobacco, or mango). For vapers who don’t like any of the initial flavors, the website offers further options.


A high-stakes foray into the French market

After being accused of encouraging young people to smoke, Juul Labs has made it clear that its devices are “intended for adult smokers.” Customers must prove they are of age before purchasing a product, but it must be said that the design of the device is attractive to all ages.

To practice good faith, the company has launched a vaping prevention campaign intended for the parents of teenagers. The company has no problem specifying that its only objective is to fight tobacco addiction.

The future seems to be bright for Juul in a country that has millions of active smokers. Indeed, Juul could be an effective tool to help people quit smoking, as currently, only 8% of French smokers are able to quit for good.

If Juul Labs seems sure of itself, it is in part because of its groundbreaking product. In particular, the Juul’s various flavors are sure to attract a wide audience, and also help vapers change the way they consume. Juul’s final stated objective is for smokers to exchange cigarettes for e-cigarettes, and of course, preferably, for Juul products!


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