Juul is providing bonuses to employees in order to silence them

 Juul is providing bonuses to employees in order to silence them

Juul is going to pay millions of Euros in bonuses to assuage its disgruntled employees. Most of the discontent surrounds Juul’s partnership with Altria.

 Big Tobacco’s partnership with the largest vaping manufacturer in the United States of America was announced a few days ago. The deal gives a 35% stake in the company. In exchange, Juul will receive a check of $12.8 billion.

The alliance between the largest vaping manufacturer in the USA and one of the main players in Big Tobacco has caused furore amongst many vapers, as well as amongst some employees at Juul. According to the Wall Street Journal, employees are upset that they learned about the merger on the Internet, and one employee even referred to the merger as a “deal with the devil.”

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Promoting the chance for smokers to start vaping

Kevin Burns, the CEO of Juul, sees things a bit differently. He believes that the merger may encourage smokers to start vaping. In this case, Altria should make available its marketing department as well as its 230,000 sales locations. Juul should also begin advertising the benefits of vaping on every pack of cigarettes sold by Altria.

For the moment, cooler heads have not prevailed. Juul is planning to make available 2 million Euros, which would be shared amongst 1,500 disgruntled employees (the payouts would be made according to each of the employees’ respective shares).

The bonuses will be paid out in 4 parts over the next two years. Let’s hope that this will be enough to appease the discontented workers at Juul …


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