[TEST] Infinix by Smok, a classic and reliable pod

 [TEST] Infinix by Smok, a classic and reliable pod

infinixWhile pod-based e-cigs have been an opportunity for novel design, with manufacturers breaking free from the 510 connection standard, certain trends are emerging nevertheless.

The Infinix by Smok is definitely aligned with some of these trends, thanks to a style that immediately brings to mind the Juul or the Lynq. While slightly larger than the latter, it only weighs in at 22 grams, which allows you to hold it between your lips quite comfortably. It may not seem like a big deal, but former smokers will appreciate this. It’s a shame the angled spine that runs down the frame of the e-cig continues along the drip tip. You can feel the slight bump between your lips, which some may not like.

This rather masculine design is also apparent in the colour scheme: blue, gunmetal, and red, despite Smok’s marketing angle displaying lipstick next to the e-cig.

smok infinix

Classic design

Design is simple and effective, with rechargeable pods that are pressed into the battery casing. The fixtures are solid, and it doesn’t budge when in use. Filling is done via a narrow vent along the side of the pod, which means you’ll need to pry it open with a fingernail, but the Smok is delivered with a needle-tipped juice bottle to make this easier. Very convenient if you only carry large bottles from your DIY preparations.

Much like its direct competitors, the Infinix has no firing button, simply inhaling will activate the heating element. Also like competitors, the tank only holds 2 ml of e-liquid. This may seem a little light, but in everyday use it’s perfect for the 10-15W the Infinix delivers.

The Infinix is designed for MTL vaping, and the sweet spot is perfect for nicotine salts.

When it comes to pricing, the new Smok pod system sells at an average price of 25€. So if you’re having trouble picking a pod system, the deciding factor will be style.


Technical specifications

  • Battery + pod kit
  • Integrated 250 mAh battery
  • Tank: 2 ml (rechargeable)
  • Power: 10-15W
  • Weight: 22g
  • Delivered with two pods, a needle-nosed juice bottle, a micro USB cable and the user guide



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