American academy of pediatrics joins the fight against vaping

 American academy of pediatrics joins the fight against vaping

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pediatricsEverybody knows how vehemently the FDA has spoken out against vaping in the last few months, but all signs point to a new detractor on American soil. Speaking for the first time on the subject, the American Academy of Pediatrics is also resolutely opposed to vaping.

Founded in 1930, the AAP is an organization known for promoting the health of America’s children. It currently has over 60,000 members. The organization has just given its opinion on e-cigarettes, and according to the AAP, it is essential that the USA adopt stricter vaping legislation.

The organization is especially concerned about vaping amongst minors. It cites the infamous “gateway drug” effect, suggesting that vaping leads to teenage smoking. When it comes to opinions on vaping, the American Association of Pediatrics agrees with the FDA. However, no legitimate, serious study has not proven the supposed “gateway” effect that is so often cited by anti-vaping activists.

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Extreme and hostile views on vaping

In a caustic press release, the organization expressed its concerns about e-cigarettes. For Susan C. Walley, the president of the AAP’s Anti-Smoking Section, the electronic cigarette is dangerous.

Walley suggests that, “scientific evidence has not shown” that vaping is an effective nicotine substitute. This is a blatant lie: British health authorities have already proven that the e-cigarette is an effective and efficient way to quit smoking.

Hoping to “stop teenagers from vaping,” the AAP’s press release also contains some alarming messages. According to the organization, e-cigarettes should be illegal for anyone under 21 years old (according to then, the online sale of fruity and menthol flavors should also be made illegal). The organization has even gone so far as to tell doctors not to suggest the e-cigarette as an alternative for patients who smoke cigarettes!


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