– No I don’t smoke, I vape.
– So why do you have a lighter?
– No look, it’s just my trusty e-cigarette!


At first glance — or listen — you would be forgiven for thinking the Aurora Play is in fact a lighter. Everything about it suggests as much, and the click of the cap and the metal body are quite convincing, indeed.

playAlas, looks can be deceiving, because the device’s interior also brings surprises. To begin with, users now press down on the top to refill the pod and no longer have to take out the pod to recharge the device, nor do they have to unscrew anything. The device also contains a 2 ml tank and a 1.3 ohm coil, which is ideal for MTL vaping. The device’s power is also adjustable to three different settings: 9w, 10.5 w, and 12.5 w.

The Aurora Play has a long battery life thanks to its 650-mAh battery, which recharges in just 45 minutes. All of the flavors are there, and the drip tip is particularly pleasant thanks to 3D-printing inspired streaks.


Discreet look and impressive sound

If at first glance the Aurora Play looks like a lighter, it is also because of the sound it makes. The device may look discreet, but the all-purpose pod loses it unassuming look once the cap is off, which is sure to remind everyone what is actually going on. However, this is part of the device’s charm, and those who choose the Aurora Play will also choose it because of the sound. So who is this device made for? Certainly those who like the gesture of smoking, a reminder that will help them stop smoking cigarettes altogether. In the end, the goal of e-cigarettes is first and foremost to help people quit smoking, so why not?   

 At just thirty Euros, the Aurora Play stands out as a great value product, especially due to its high-quality design. The pods are sold at 4 Euros a two-pack, a slightly less attractive price that is nonetheless standard for the market.


Technical specs

  • 650-mAh integrated battery
  • USB charged
  • 2 ml pod with top down pressure refilling system
  • 3 ohm coil
  • 3 adjustable power settings
  • Comes with 2 pods, USB cable, and vial



Jeremie est journaliste vape depuis plus de 7 ans dans la presse papier et en ligne. Toujours à l’affût des tendances, il a déjà testé des centaines de matériels.

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