One Leaves: a video game to help teenagers quit smoking

 One Leaves: a video game to help teenagers quit smoking

Everyone knows just how dangerous and addictive tobacco can be. However, there are still far too many smokers in the world, and the American health authorities at the FDA have decided to tackle the problem by launching a videogame: One Leaves, which is available for free on PC (Windows 10) and Xbox One.

The game is designed to show smokers just how dangerous smoking really is. At the beginning, players find themselves in a hangar, where they are told that only 1 out of 4 will survive unharmed. This is to remind players that for every 4 young people who start smoking, only 1 will stop smoking as an adult.

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A game designed for young people

One Leaves is specifically made to attract as many young players as possible. Unfortunately, the number of adolescent smokers is rising. The game’s ambiance is dark and even toes the line of violence. The goal is to both speak to teenagers who already smoke as well as those who may be tempted.

During the game, the physical condition of the players degrades little by little, especially in terms of breathing and eyesight. As the game progresses it becomes harder and harder to complete various tasks. Produced by Oath and developed by Wahoo Studios, One Leaves adopts the mechanics of the “survival horror” genre, and it must be said that the result is quite terrifying.

To make sure that the target audience is affected, a marketing campaign was recently launched on YouTube. Popular teenage YouTubers like Ninja are participating in the campaign. Let’s hope that this game will be enough to deter teenagers from smoking cigarettes, or better yet, prevent them from ever starting smoking at all.


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