[TEST] NORD AIO 19 SMOK KIT, the brand’s latest creation

 [TEST] NORD AIO 19 SMOK KIT, the brand’s latest creation

With the NORD AIO, which we tested here, Smok created an efficient, compact pod that had changeable coils. This new starter kit, the Nord AIO 19, uses the same coils to offer a different kind of vaping experience that uses a more classic approach, albeit with a heavier device. The device takes its name from the 19 mm diameter, and there is also a 22 mm option. In terms of battery life, the device has a 1300 mAH battery and a 2ml tank. The 22 mm version has a 2000 mAh battery and a 3.5ml tank.


The Nord AIO 19 is a hybrid device, which means it doesn’t contain a 510 stud. The atomizer is the only feature that must be screwed onto the battery. The filling system has a quarter-turn button, similar to previous Smok devices, as well as a proprietary “inverse” drip tip. There is no disassembly option for the atomizer, and when unscrewed from the battery, users are only able to change the coil.  This is very easy to do, by simply pressing on a button (there is nothing to unscrew and no unlocking system).  

nordThe device offers three types of coils, which are the same for the pod version: a 0.6 ohm mesh, a classic 1.4 ohm option, and a 1.5ohm ceramic option (which is not included in the kit). Choices are nice, but unfortunately this is the only true choice that comes with this device.

Indeed, the airflow, which is next to the battery (this is quite rare), is set in a specific position. Due to this, it is not adjustable for different types of coils, especially since the battery isn’t regulated.  


And yet …

The device vapes well, even if it’s a shame that the airflow doesn’t have any adjustable settings. For a very PG vaping experience, it feels like the MTL coils are diluted. With the mesh, however, the brand’s “lighthouse coil,” the airflow has been well chosen. Nonetheless, the 2ml tank on the 19 mm model is almost too small, since this specific coil means your e-liquid will run out quite quickly. Finally, in terms of price, this device is quite affordable, at just 27 Euros for the Nord AIO 19 and 30 Euros for the 22 mm model (with such a small difference in price, there is really no point in choosing the smaller option).

In the end, this device delivers a solid vaping experience, even if the airflow is not ideal.


Technical specs

  • 2 ml tanks (22 mm: 3.5 ml tank)
  • 1300 mAh batter (22 mm: 3000 mAh)
  • Integrated battery with USB charge
  • Nord pod coils (classic, mesh or ceramic)
  • Top-down quarter-turn refilling system (button)
  • Hybrid (unique atomizer-battery connection)
  • Unregulated
  • Proprietary drip tip
  • Comes with 2 coils (one mesh, one classic), USB cable, user manual



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