Will the fda change its mind on the subject of vaping?

 Will the fda change its mind on the subject of vaping?

A tireless opponent to e-cigs, Scott Gottlieb will soon be stepping down from his position at the head of the FDA. Will the Food and Drug Administration change its tack on the subject of vaping? According to Fox Business, a new policy could be implemented in the fight against tobacco. Will this provide greater latitudes to e-cig providers and consumers?

Over the past few years, American health authorities have been particularly unforgiving when it comes to e-cigs. Accused of being a gateway drug to tobacco among younger populations, these devices have yet to be officially recognized as tobacco substitutes. The situation could change completely with the departure of Scott Gottlieb.

He recently tended his resignation from the Administration. It is now up to President Donald Trump to designate his successor. For Elizabeth Wright, Fox Business editorialist, the Trump administration may choose to choose someone with a different focus. There are talks that someone with more of an open mind towards tobacco substitutes may be picked for the position.

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A failure for the FDA

With her significant influence, the journalist made a not-so-flattering report of Scott Gottlieb’s work. In her opinion, the FDA failed spectacularly in its mission to reduce smoking rates in the USA. She stated that the FDA pushed a wholly inefficient strategy when it comes to nicotine substitutes.

According to Elizabeth Wright, Trump could be attempting to give the agency a new start. Rather than continue down the anti-vaping road, the FDA could be changing tack. Perhaps a policy focused on risk-reduction could be given more careful consideration. Smokers could be encouraged to try out tobacco substitutes such as electronic cigarettes.

For the moment, there have been no official statements on the subject. It is hard to say if this is simply the Fox Business editorial line, or if their statements are based on reliable sources. The nomination of Scott Gottlieb’s successor could represent a new turning point for vaping in the USA.


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