Kit Harington (Jon Snow) is a pro-vaping advocate

 Kit Harington (Jon Snow) is a pro-vaping advocate

For decades, movie stars were the unofficial mascots of the cigarette industry. Internal documents revealed years after the fact indicated that cigarette companies rolled out product placement from 1927 to 1990! Today, it looks like e-cigs are the next generation movie star accessory. A new famous actor has come out in defence of vaping: Kit Harington, AKA Jon Snow!

Currently on a promotional tour for the last season of Game of Thrones, Kit Harington surprised everyone with his statement. And by statement, we mean the Juul pod e-cig that he sported throughout the whole interview. The actor stated that he had been a heavy smoker for years, in particular during the shooting of GoT.

Now, he believes vaping is the answer to his addiction. Now tobacco-free, he recently called e-cigarettes a “life jacket”. A statement that will probably boost Juul’s popularity even more!


Hollywood is giving up smoking

With the approval of superstars such as Kit Harington, using e-cigs to quit smoking is sure to be a positive influence. While some countries, such as the UK, recognize the method officially, this is not the case everywhere. Under the FDA’s watchful gaze, the USA is still struggling to accept the benefits of vaping.

Keep in mind that Kit Harington was not the first to come out as a vaping enthusiast. In 2010, Johnny Depp was seen vaping in a movie theatre. And in 2012, Blu launched a marketing campaign with Stephen Dorff. In the last few years, Leonardo DiCaprio was also sporting an e-cig at an Oscars ceremony.

Like Robert Pattinson (the next Batman), Kit Harington is an e-cig believer. This is great news for the pro-vaping camp. With such a prestigious sponsor, it seems vaping is carving out a strong place in popular culture.


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