The Hall of Vape, the biggest e-cigarette expo in Europe!

 The Hall of Vape, the biggest e-cigarette expo in Europe!

hall of vape

The latest edition of the Hall of Vape took place in early June at Hamburg’s Expo Center in Germany. And what a day it was! There was the Hall of Modders, which was much bigger than it had ever been previously. E-liquid manufacturers like V’APE, VDLV and modders from throughout the world came to Germany for the occasion.

Hall 9, also known as the Conference Center, also hosted the cream of the crop of the vaping world: Phil BusardoFarsalinos, Le Houezec, and Aaron Bebert, just to name a few.

The results were impressive, with over 23,000 visitors filling the halls to experience the various events!

hall of vape

The Hall of Vape, a place to share and exchange ideas

Like all vaping events, the main interest was the testing area, where an omnipresent vapor hung above participants’ heads throughout the expo. This was a unique occasion to try out rare and expensive products. It was also an opportunity to personally meet some of the best modders in the industry.

So what are the upcoming vaping trends in 2019? It comes as no surprise that the combination of a combo pod + nicotine salts  has already made its mark. Less powerful and more compact, pods have take over the market.

A new edition of the Hall of Vape will take place on November 16 and 17, 2019. Tickets are already available for purchase here.

hall of vape


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