Canada considers neutral packets for vaping devices

 Canada considers neutral packets for vaping devices

The chief physician of the city of Ottawa has decided to take measures to reduce both tobacco consumption and vaping rates amongst young people. Recently, Dr. Vera Etches spoke out about her hope to standardize all packaging for tobacco products, but also for vaping products as well. According to her, this would detract from the attractiveness of both cigarettes and vaping products amongst adolescents. The announcement also came with a series of other propositions to limit tobacco consumption throughout the country.

All cigarette packets sold in Canada will have to be the color brown. The brand’s name and logo can no longer be mentioned, and the size and form of the packets will also be standardized. The health agency is advocating that these news laws also be applied to vaping products.

Canada’s department of health has noted a significant rise in the number of young vapers in the capital. The rise has been so significant that today, there are more young vapers than smokers. In 2017, an investigation showed that 10% of students in Ottawa admitted to having vaped an e-cigarette at least once during the last year; the number of teenage smokers is estimated at only 6%.


Canada’s objective: make vaping products less attractive to young people

Dr. Vera Etches blames e-cigarette manufacturers for creating products that are particularly attractive to young people. Certain flavors are created to better attract teenagers with sugary, tasty, and fruity flavors that are particularly good at masking the taste of nicotine. In her mind, electronic cigarettes are now seen as tasty treats and not potentially dangerous products.  

Health authorities are recommending that e-cigarette manufacturers add health warnings to their product packaging. The potential dangers associated to vaping device modifications should also be clearly stated.


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