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Scientific studies

Is IQOS a health hazard?

For the past few months, cigarette manufacturers have been trying everything they can to widen their range of products. The idea is to offer alternatives to tobacco lest e-cigarette manufacturers totally overtake the market. However, the flagship product IQOS may be more of a health hazard than was initially claimed. Philip Morris is looking to […]En savoir plus


Philip Morris wants you to quit smoking

Is it possible for a company to tell its customers to stop buying its mainproducts? This is the strange strategy Philip Morris International has been betting on in a new advertising campaign. However, the company’s actions on the ground contradict its bizarre marketing strategy. The owner of the Marlboro brand has just announced a new […]En savoir plus

Scientific studies

Vaping reduces cardiovascular and plumonary risks in chronic smokers

Traditional cigarettes kill millions of people across the planet. According to the World Health Organization, it is the number one cause of preventable diseases. Tobacco addiction is responsible for between 25% and 30% of all cardiovascular diseases. When it comes to lung-related illnesses, the number jumps to 85%. Knowing that tobacco contains over 7,000 chemical […]En savoir plus

Business - Market

Philip Morris: new technology to benefit the vaping community?

For three years now, Philip Morris International management have been working to reduce their production share of traditional cigarettes to develop vaping technology and smokeless or heat-not-burn devices such as the IQOS. CEO André Calantzopoulos recently made a statement on the company’s plans to develop connected objects. The objective? Helping users take control of their health. The new […]En savoir plus


Trolling hard: Philip Morris calls on world nations to join forces in the fight against tobacco

The world-renowned cigarette manufacturer Philip Morris recently made a baffling statement. It was during the World Economic Forum, held in Davos, Switzerland, that Philip Morris asked governments for support in their efforts to reduce smoking rates worldwide. Since 1971, the city of Davos has hosted a forum to help steer corporate values towards the interest of the public. The […]En savoir plus