[TEST] The Luxe Nano by Vaporesso, compact high functionality

 [TEST] The Luxe Nano by Vaporesso, compact high functionality

luxeThere is a popular expression when a device has many functions: does it make coffee too? For Vaporesso, this isn’t so far from the truth. The Luxe Nano, despite its small size and weight, takes high-functionality to the next level.

Some may say it has too many. Behind the colour screen, the Ombiboard 4.0 chipset has many modes and settings, from “Smart VW” to “CCW”, which can be identified thanks to icons that the expert vapers among you will understand at a glance. But for those with less experience, the kit may be a little too complicated. While the older version, the Luxe which we reviewed on Blog Vape recently, seemed tailored for the expert crowd, with its 220W, this is not the case for the Nano.

Interestingly, it only has one physical button, as the screen is touch-sensitive. Or rather, the space below the screen… This is a nifty feature, but physical buttons would have been more practical, especially given you need to press the single button three times to activate the touch-sensitive portion. This is a good safety measure, but in terms of use can be annoying.


Yes but…

luxeLuckily these drawbacks—if you can even call them that—are balanced with some great features. It would be silly to complain that the device does too much. This device is great for those wanting to learn more about the intricacies of vaping. And it’s a beautiful device, with polished finishing and many colours available.

Regarding the atomiser, the Luxe Nano kit includes a Skrr-S Mini, descendant of the Skrr which was provided with the Luxe. It does the job well, and with the 3.5ml tank provides good autonomy. Vapour is pleasant and flavourful, and the device will deliver “more than you could ever need” if you vape in the maximum 80W range. The drip tip however is a little too wide compared to the output.

On a final note, we see that the box can be charged in ninety minutes at two amperes. Sold at the same price as its predecessor, that is to say about 70 Euros, the Luxe Nano may seem expensive, but its light and compact form are definite strong points.


Technical specifications

  • Max output: 80W
  • Colour screen
  • Tactile buttons with haptic feedback (vibration)
  • 5 ml tank
  • Integrated 2000 mAh battery
  • USB Charging
  • Fast charge (1h30 @2A)
  • Coils: QF Strip 0.15 ohmand QF Mesh 0.2 ohm (compatible with GT coils)


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