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[TEST] Infinix by Smok, a classic and reliable pod

While pod-based e-cigs have been an opportunity for novel design, with manufacturers breaking free from the 510 connection standard, certain trends are emerging nevertheless. The Infinix by Smok is definitely aligned with some of these trends, thanks to a style that immediately brings to mind the Juul or the Lynq. While slightly larger than the latter, it only weighs in […]En savoir plus

Vaping material

[TEST] Smok Stick V9 Max Kit, vape that delivers!

While self-regulated kits are now legion in the industry, often geared towards MTL and “lite” vaping, devices designed for cloud chasing are becoming a rarity. The Stick V9 Max is most definitely a cloud-chasing machine. Designed to deliver power with a massive 8.5ml atomiser, this vape carries a whopping 4000 mAh in the battery casing. And with […]En savoir plus